Anchor QEA Fundraiser for Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

Brought to you by Anchor QEA of North Carolina, PLLC (formerly Altamont Environmental, Inc.)

The Asheville office of Anchor QEA is delighted to spend the month of March 2017 fundraising on behalf of the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC). Since 1974, SAHC has conserved over 70,000 acres of unique plant and animal habitat, clean water, farmland and scenic beauty in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Anchor QEA operates its employee-led Month of Fundraising throughout the United States during the month of March. Each office has chosen a local organization to receive the fruits of its fundraising efforts. Anchor QEA will match ALL the donated funds to each and every organization.

Your bid in this auction will help support SAHC -- the 2017 fundraising choice of the Asheville office -- and protect the incredible mountains, farms, and rivers of the Southern Appalachians.

Altamont Environmental, Inc. (Altamont) proudly became Anchor QEA of North Carolina, PLLC on December 29, 2016. We celebrate the amazing mountains we are lucky enough to call home through our first Anchor QEA fundraising month.

(Note: If you would like to become a member of SAHC, contact us using the form below and we will facilitate your membership, allowing Anchor QEA to match your membership contribution.)

Have questions? Please contact us!

Anchor QEA Month of Fundraising Auction for Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

Thank you for your support!