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Take a look around and pick a few items you want to bid on.

Sign up as a bidder (top right of page), entering your name and email contact info, and phone number (for texts when you've been outbid). If you have an account from last year you're all set for this year!


We encourage all bidders to sign up prior to the auction starting to ensure that you are ready to bid once the auction is open. 


The website is COMPLETELY secure!


Let the Fun Begin


Our auction is open for 2 days prior to our actual Carnival event:

  • Bidding opens April 10, 2019 at noon, Mountain Standard Time. (Site may show 2pm as start of auction, but this is becuase biddingowl site is in Eastern Standard Time zone. Bidding at our Auction starts at Noon MST)
  • Bidding closes April 12, 2019 at 6:00 pm during the Carnival. (Site may show 8pm on countdown, but this is because the biddingowl site is out of Eastern Standard time. Bidding at our auction will end at 6pm MST)
  • All items can be picked up the evening of the event between 6:30-7:30 pm. No items will be released without confirmed payment. We will be able to take cash or check payments the night of the auction, but the fastest way to check out and pay is online via PayPal. If Arrangements need to be made, please contact Jennifer Halsall at


NEW Items May be added up until 5 PM Friday, if donors bring them to us the week of auction. Please be sure to check back after you start bidding Weds in case there are new items you want to bid on!


* * * Peck friends and family can bid from their own home if you can't make it to the Carnival, or you can bid from your phone while you're playing Carnival games with your kids and not have to worry about leaving them to go check on your items in the library to see if you're the highest bidder. We will still display the items in the library though! * * * 




From home: (and pre-Carnival bidding) Browse items by clicking on the green drop down at the top left "VIEW ALL ITEMS", to see more information click on the specific item you like. Then place a bid following the bid increment rules posted on each item. (Make sure you select to be notified on your mobile device incase you're outbid). 

  • You can set a "maximum" bid and the computer will bid for you against other bids until the max is reached (you will be notified if you are out bid). A Max bid doesn't mean that amount will be input as your bid, it will bid UP TO that amount against other bidders. There must be at least 1 bid on the item before you can set a max bid.


Night of Carnival in person bidding: Walk around and look at auction items displayed in the library. Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the bid sheet by your prefered item. Most phones will allow you to scan the QR code using just your camera app (hold it over the QR code and it will take you to that item on the bidding owl site). Place your bid.

  • You may have to use a QR code scanning app if your camera doesn't work automatically (search on app store or play store on your phone to find a QR code reader program). 
  • Most iPhones let you use the camera. Android phones may need QR scanning app
  • You can also go directly to the site and browse and bid on the items manually to find your desired item, if you're playing in the carnival games

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  • Bidding ends at 6 pm April 12, 2019. Please give us time to collect all items for the winners before coming to collect items. We hope to have this done by 6:30pm April 12. 
  • If you've won the item at the end of the evening, you will be notified automatically on your mobile device. 
    • If you win, you can pay through the online PayPal system using a credit card. An invoice will be sent to you at the end of the auction, and a paid receipt will be sent once you've paid.  
    • Once you pay, you can take your items home!




Bidding will not be on Paper as it has been in the past. All bids will be via your mobile device or home computer/laptop.


There is NO APP to download. Just sign up on the website as a bidder! 


If you'd rather donate money to the Silent Auction instead of bidding on items, you can click on the " DONATE NOW" button at the bottom of this page and follow the payment directions. 


You can also "Fund a Need" buy donating money directly towards an item. Click HERE to go to the Fund A Need site. 


All funds raised from the Silent Auction will be used by the PTA in support of the Peck Elementary community of students, teachers and staff, including but not limited to programs, materials (books and technology), and equipment. 


Bidding on items at auction is only allowed for supporters that are associated with Peck Elementary. We reserve the right to delete bids from supporters that are not part of our community.


Any General donations or "Fund a Need" donations are welcome from anyone, whether you are affiliated with Peck or not. 



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These items were generously donated by donors in our Arvada and Denver community as well as several from outside of this local area. We greatly appreciate their support and hope you will, in turn, support them by giving them your business after the auction, whether you win the auction item or not. 

Thank you donors


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