BACS Warriors Tickets Auction

All proceeds will help to end homelessness in our Oakland community

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf generously donated these tickets for auction, to benefit BACS' homelessness programs. All proceeds from the sale of these tickets will go to support ending homelessness in Oakland!


Bay Area Community Services (BACS) is committed to ending homelessness in Oakland — permanently.

We use direct outreach to find people where they are at, whether it is on the street, in encampments, or more. Then, we do whatever it takes to find them permanent, sustainable housing. We offer interim housing, benefits assistance, job support, food support, housing application fees, and more. Every individual BACS serves will receive whatever they need to become stable and have reliable housing.

Last year, BACS provided services to 23% of all homeless adults in Oakland. 

Bay Area Community Services provides innovative solutions to homelessness, and we operate the largest housing solutions program in the Bay Area. In all our services, our model is to work with families and natural supports, to help create lasting change. We work to end the cycle of homelessness for more than 2,000 individuals and their families each year.


BACS’ mission is to uplift under-served individuals and their families by doing whatever it takes.

Bay Area Community Services provides an array of behavioral health and housing services for teens, adults, older adults, and their families. Our vision is a world where everyone is healthy, safe, and engaged in community wellness. Every year, BACS makes a difference in the lives of more than 3,000 people.

BACS started in Oakland in 1953, as a council of churches working to help fill the gaps in the decreasing federal funding for behavioral health and aging services. For nearly 65 years, BACS has worked in the Oakland community to address poverty, mental health, housing, aging, and other issues. 


Note: all winning bidder's ticket bids are tax deductible above their fair market value. For instance, if two tickets' fair market value is $700, and the winning bid is $6,000, the winner will also receive a tax deductible letter for $5,300 from BACS, tax ID number 94-1708069. 

Winning bidders or companies will be featured on the BACS website and e-newsletter. 

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Bay Area Community Services (BACS)

Thank you for your support!