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This is a short, one week auction for exclusive Laker Tickets for the February 10th game against the Phoenix Suns.  These tickets are right behind the Laker bench in Section 119, Row 4, Seats 4-7.  Similar tickets are going for over $ 1,000 per ticket.  We are starting the auction at $ 200 per ticket, $ 800 for the four seats.  We are only selling these tickets in a complete set of four seats.

These tickets are kindly donated by the Miyamoto family from Y24 and Y27.  Thank you to Mica, Julie, Alyssa and Talia !!!


The auction ends this Saturday, February 8th at 8pm and is exclusively for Yonsei Families.  The winner of the tickets will have the opportunity to pick the tickets up on Sunday, February 9th. 

If you have any questions, please email yonseiauction2020@gmail.com


Although this auction is listed publicly on Bidding Owl, bidding is only allowed for supporters that are associated with our organization. We reserve the right to delete bids.




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Yonsei Basketball Association

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