Ryan Blaney Family Foundation

11th Annual Lou Blaney Memorial Auction

The Ryan Blaney Family Foundation was founded by NASCAR driver, Ryan Blaney at the end of 2018. The foundation's main mission is to fund the Alzheimer's Association, who's goal is to elimate Alzheimer's disease through advancements in research. 

This July, Sharon Speedway, a dirt track located in Hartford, Ohio hosted the 11th Annual "Lou Blaney Memorial' Saturday night race. The "Lou Blaney Memorial" is hosted in order to honor Lou (father to Dave and Dale Blaney, and grandfather to Ryan Blaney) and his accomplishments. After retiring from his legendary racing career, Lou suffered from Alzheimer's disease for many years before eventually passing away in 2009. 

Every year, a live auction including many racing and non-racing related items is held at this event. All the proceeds from the auction go directly to the Alzheimer's Association. Due to weather complications during this year's memorial, the live auction has transitioned to a running online auction which will last for 10 days. 

"Thanks for the Memories", Lou. 


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Ryan Blaney Family Foundation

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