AHB's Holiday Art Auction

Work by Jean-Claude Louis

Welcome to AHB's Holiday Art Auction! Thank you so much for stopping by. Here you will find two incredible works of art by AHB board member, and esteemed artist, Jean-Claude Louis.


About Jean-Claude:

A native of Alsace, France, Jean-Claude is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest. Using film, digital capture, digital processing and print­making techniques, he creates images that explore themes of nature and landscape. His creative processes are a reflection of his training as a physician and a sci­entist - a continuous path of exploration and experimentation. Instead of presenting the reality of things, he transforms it into a subjective perspective by manipulating color, light, shadows, contrast and texture, sometimes com­bining multiple photographs- 'making' an image rather than 'taking' a pic­ture - less description, more imagination; less documentation, more sugges­tion. Once the images are processed, a metal print is created by infusing dyes into coated Chromaluxe aluminum plates. The metal shows through the image, giving the sheer surface a unique translucent luminescence, with iridescent color hues. Jean-Claude's work has won numerous awards, notably the Travel Photogra­pher of the Year Award 2007, the National Geographic Society International Contest 2007, the National Geographic Traveler Prize 2009, the Prix de la Pho­tographie de Paris 2009. his images have been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London, and have been extensively published: in the National Geographic Magazine, the National Geographic Traveler Magazine, COLOR Magazine, B&W Magazine, Spanish Geo Magazine.


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