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Hello, thank you for visiting this online auction! My name is Isabel Emmert-Nolte, and I have been working with the Poverello Center over the past couple of months to put this auction into motion. I am heading into my senior year at Hellgate Highschool as a part of the IB diploma programme, and in order to acquire my IB diploma, I have to complete a C (creativity) A (activity) S (service) project. Having lived in Missoula my entire life, I wanted to help my community in any way that I could through my CAS project as the pandemic began to have effects. That being said, I felt my efforts would be the most useful when put towards peoples that are being immediately impacted by the virus. I had never worked with the Poverello Center before, but this one seemed like a worthy cause, as well as a safe way to help people during a time of need.

How your bid can help

The Poverello Center has had to cut its shelter capacity by 30% to allow for proper social distance due to COVID - 19. This has caused a dramatic increase in the number of people living unsheltered in Missoula. This is not an ideal situation now and will become dangerous when the weather begins to get colder. The greatest need for the Poverello Center right now is being able to have the funds available to make sure that everyone in Missoula will have a warm place to stay this winter where they are also safe from the pandemic. Art for Shelter is an online auction with the intent to raise money for this cause. 


 About The Poverello Center, Inc.



The Poverello Center provides food, shelter, help and hope to all who ask.



The Poverello Center believes all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their housing status. We envision a collaborative and supportive community in which everyone has a safe place to call home.

HOT Team 


The Poverello Center is an innovative and progressive non-profit organization in Missoula, Montana. As a helping organization, it is our intention to understand and meet the needs of our clients as well as to understand the larger causes of poverty and homelessness in our community. We do this work to assist our clients in becoming independent and to promote a healthy and sustainable way of life for all those whom we serve.

 Our primary programs are three-fold:

  • Emergency facility to provide short-term emergency shelter, food, and supportive services to community members living in poverty. The facility provides a drug-free, caring, and tolerant environment in which to make positive change.
  • Veterans transitional housing programs to provide up to 2 years of housing and full support to eligible Veterans living in homelessness. These programs offer the 1:1 support Veterans need to meet their goals and live healthier more sustainable lives.
  • Homeless Outreach Teams (HOT) who work to identify barriers to housing for Missoula’s chronically homeless individuals, while also supporting and educating businesses and community members.

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The Poverello Center

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