The SCS-WCC COVID-19 Relief Fund(raiser) and RAFFLE

An Official Books (and More!) Auction

Your favorite classicists and ancient med peeps have all teamed up to replenish the coffers of the fantastic SCS-WCC COVID-19 Relief Fund.  Since its foundation this past spring it has given away nearly $70,000 to more than 140 graduate students and contingent faculty in need. 

You've read the headlines.  You've seen the terrible results on your own campuses. 

NOW, you can scoop up a one of a kind book with a truly unique imprint or another fantastic donated item AND support our colleagues and the future of the field.

Bidding opens 9 am EST, Tuesday Sept 8.

Bidding closes 8 pm EST (=5 pm PST), Friday Sept 11. EXTENSION!

Items ship direct from donors to winnners, Sept 14-31.

Are you a FAN of one of the items in the auction or the individual offering the item?! Want to see the bidding go HIGHER on that item?! Why not offer to MATCH the winning bid?  It's easy!  Just fill in this form

Raffle item winning numbers:

Barrington = 50

WCC life membership = 3 AND 63

5 year SCS AIA annual meeting registration = 295

SCS life membership =  249


Official WCC Website for the Fund

Prof. Nandini's Awesome Article on the Fund

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WCC-SCS Covid Relief Fund

Thank you for your support!

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