LWPTSA Council Scholarship Auction

Scholarship program to assist graduating seniors & district staff

The Lake Washington PTSA Council began its scholarship program over 35 years ago to assist graduating seniors with their college education. In 1990, district staff scholarships were added to help defray continuing education costs. 

Funding for these scholarships comes from two places: the 44 PTAs and PTSAs in Lake Washington School District through an annual donation and generous support from people just like you that purchase auction items or donate directly. 

The auction experiences and items are made possible by generous donations from local PTAs, and disctrict and community partners. We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support. 

The website will go live at 5 am on Monday, November 22 for bidding. All bidding will close at 8 pm on Friday, December 3. 

If you do not wish to bid on the experiences, you can support LWPTSA Scholarship program by adding donation of any amount. You can also chose to make a donation in addition to your purchase. You can do this by selecting Direct Donation at the bottom in the View Items dropdown.

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Thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting LWPTSA scholarships! Your donations allow us to continue our tradition of giving scholarships.



Before bidding, please read through the following rules for our online auction. If at any point you have questions, please email auction@lwptsa.net:

1. All auction items will remain open until 8 PM on Friday, December 3, 2020. The only exception to this rule will be for items purchased at the Buy Now bid price.  

2. You are welcome to freely review auction items at any time.  If you forget to register ahead of time, you will be directed by Bidding Owl setup  a bidder account prior to being allowed to bid on auction items.

3. The bidder's username and amount bid will be public on the Bidding Owl website. If you have set up a proxy bid to continue bidding to a specific dollar amount, that amount will not be provided to other bidders.

4. In order to receive Text Message Notifications, enter your telephone number under Account Details.   You will receive Text messages when you've been outbid.

5. A bid is a binding contract between you and LWPTSA, with all sales final. No refunds will be given, including on items impacted by COVID-19. In placing a bid that wins an item, the bidder acknowledges the LWPTSA Council Auction Committee carries no liability for items, events or businesses that cannot honor a purchased item due to COVID-19.

6. Read all item and bid information carefully. The item's Retail Value (Fair Market Value), Opening Bid, Min. Bid Increment and Buy Now amounts are all clearly stated. Any restrictions or expiration dates placed on an item will be outlined in the item description. Please check carefully before bidding. Read more instructions & tips here.

7. If the Buy It Now option has not been exercised, bidders can bid above the "Buy Now" price. Once a bidder bids above the Buy Now prices, the Buy Now button will disappear to allow bidding to continue. The winner bidder is expected to pay the latest bidding amount which could be higher than "Buy Now" in this case.

8. You will receive an invoice to pay for any item(s) you won at auction close. You must pay for your item(s) within 3 days of auction end in order to arrange pickup of your items with LWPTSA Council Auction Committee.

9. All auction winners who have paid in full will be contacted by LWPTSA Council Auction Committee members within 5 days of auction end to arrange item pickup. Please note, shipping of items is not an option.

10. Your final receipt serves as your proof of purchase for item(s).


Happy bidding!


Have questions? Please contact us!

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Thank you for your support!

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