Wildlife Forever: 35th Anniversary Online Auction

Proceeds benefit youth conservation education, invasive species prevention and habitat restoration.

Join us in celebrating Wildlife Forever's 35th Anniversary.

Online Auction opens on December 1st and closes December 31st. Sign up to purchase hard to find fishing & outdoor gear, once in a lifetime experiences and rare collectibles. Proceeds benefit Wildlife Forever, a national organization dedicated to conserving America's fish and wildlife heritage.  

Wildlife Forever has made tremendous strides to conserve America's natural resources. With your purchase and participation in the auction, we will remain true to our mission and inspire the next generation of conservationists. 

Wildlife Forever programs fall into three main categories:

The Art of Conservation®

Wildlife Forever has been teaching youth about the joys of fishing and outdoor adventure through the arts. The Fish Art Contest® connects youth to conservation through creative arts and learning how to care for our lakes and streams. 

The Songbird Art Contest™ is a new program to educate about songbird declines and needs for conservation.

Prairie City USA®

Over 95% of prairie habitat in America has been lost. Pollinators like the Monarch butterfly are in serious decline across the United States. Working with city and municipal leaders, Wildlife Forever is restoring habitat and educating local communities on how to help.


The Clean Drain Dry Initiative ™

Wildlife Forever is a leader implementing the national public service & awareness campaign on invasive species. Non-native species are a leading cause for habitat loss and contribute to a growing list of threatened and endangered species. 


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Wildlife Forever

Thank you for your support!

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