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The personal collection of Rick Chin

The pictures are up (except for two).  If you see any errors please feel free to e-mail us. The photo albums will be posted shortly.

As Rick passed of liver cancer before his time, he left many built models and albums ful of pictures he took throughout the years. They are offered up now so we can have his work end up around the world.

Rick Chin was an avid model builder and an integral part of the modelling and military history community, one of the last of a vanishing breed of proprietors who ran small model shops with a dedicated passion.

He made a significant impact on many generations of modellers in Calgary, creating clubs such as the Rocky Mountain Model Club. Rick started GOMBs (Gathering of Model Builders) with the vision of good friends coming together for laughter, beer and wings, where he was known to tell a story or two. Rick was a patient and generous man with a kind heart, always thinking of what he could do for others before being asked. His passion for model building combined with his giving spirit led him to build two replica CF-18 fighter jets for the Capt. Kevin Naismith Memorial Room and his family in 2010. He was also known to teach the younger generation the value of a hobby, giving out kits to kids and encouraging people to bring it back built within two weeks and it’s free!

Please note that Uncle Bill's Hobby is no longer open.  We are planning to use this as a venue while we still have access to the building.

Uncle Bill's Hobby

605-4655 54 Ave NE
Calgary Alberta, T3J 3Z4

10/12/2014 12:00 PM

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Rick Chin's Personal Model Collection

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