Sled Dogs Downtown

Online Silent Auction

The race is on to bid on sled dogs designed and decorated by Alaskan artists, including Jon Van Zyle.

The online auction will be held until the end of the day Sunday March 12th @ 11:59 pm,  with the proceeds going to the Mushing  Arch across 4th Ave as part of the Anchorage Mushing District.

The dogs are approximately 44 inches long and 18 to 20 inches tall are are cut out of ½ inch, AC plywood.

To View Auction Items, use the Green Dropdown Menu Above!

The successful bidder can pick up their dog at the Fur Rondy Store, 400 D Street, suite 110 on 4th and D street after March 15th

If you need them shipped contact us with the destination you want them shipped to and we will contact you with the packaging and shipping cost.  Once we receive that payment we will ship them to you.

Special Thank You to David Jensen Photography for photographing the artworks!

Donate Now to the Anchorage Mushing District

Donate Now to the Anchorage Mushing District


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