Welcome to the Bet Am Shalom 2021 Art and Craft Auction

For the Benefit of Bet Am Shalom Synagogue

Each work of art you find within this website was created by an
artist or crafts person who is a member of Bet Am Shalom
Synagogue. Each piece was imbued with love from that artist.
When you purchase that object, and place it within your home,
you will forge a lasting and intimate bond with that artist. He
or she will become a part of your home, and you, in turn, will
have offered a residence for something so much a part of the
artist’s emotional essence.

This website features video interviews with most of our artists.
Watching them will allow you to get to know each in a way you
never could during casual conversation. Linger, explore, learn
about these creators and the works they have donated to
benefit Bet Am Shalom. Please be as generous as the artists have
been in sharing their time and talents with all of us.

Have questions? Please contact us!

Bet Am Shalom Synagogue

Thank you for your support!

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