Last Prisoner Project Benefit Auction

Bid on a unique package to support LPP

A group of companies has put together a truly unique package of their products to support the Last Prisoner Project. This package includes:

  • A one-of-a-kind handcrafted briar burl herb pipe which was built for vaporization with the Neo by CDXX Pipes 
  • A special edition black Neo by Prrl Labs
  • A set of magical herbal smoking blends by Barbari
  • A gorgeous terpene science infographic print by Goldleaf

They have donated these valuable auction items because the mission of the Last Prisoner Project is a compelling call for justice. At a time when cannabis-related businesses enjoy increased legalization, those who are serving time for cannabis-related crimes deserve their freedom. The Last Prisoner Project utilizes a three-pronged approach to securing their freedom: intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns that work to undo the harms caused by these unjust laws and policies.

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Last Prisoner Project

Thank you for your support!