2021 Bighorn Rendezvous Quickdraw and Brinton Gala Online Auction

Annual Fundraiser

The Brinton Museum is so sorry to have cancelled in-person events for this year's Bighorn Rendezvous Quickdraw and Brinton Gala.  However, we are pleased to host an online auction instead and thank you for your participation!  All available artwork and Gala auction items will be on display for your viewing in The Brinton Museum lobby.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire these fantastic auction items!  In the auction, you'll find quickdraw paintings by our 2021 Bighorn Rendezvous Quickdraw artists as well as exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences and collectibles from generous supporters of this year's Gala.  
Proceeds from the auction will benefit The Brinton Museum's exhibitions and educational programming, including next year's Master Leather Carving from North America and Japan Exhibition opening in May 2022.
Thank you for your continued support of The Brinton Museum!

     This coming Spring and Summer, from May 12th through September 5th 2022, the visitors and supporters of The Brinton will have the pleasure of viewing a spectacular event.  An exhibition of works that are not only visually stunning, but historically relevant to Sheridan and our Northern Wyoming region.  MASTER LEATHER CARVING FROM NORTH AMERICA AND JAPAN is an exhibition of exquisite and diverse hand tooled leatherwork created by twenty-five highly regarded and nationally acclaimed leather carving artists from North America and Japan.  The focus and intention of this exhibit is to give insight and recognition to the valuable and influential artistic exchange between distinctly different cultures.  “Sheridan Style” leather carving is recognized around the world for it’s distinctive characteristics and beauty.

       The influence of carving that was created and developed in Sheridan, is especially significant in Japan.  Our little town in northern Wyoming, has produced an art form shaping a major industry half-way around the world.  The exhibit and catalog will enable us to compare the floral designs, tooling methods, and carving styles that embody this leatherwork.  We will have an opportunity to visualize how creative ideas are reshaped.  New and intriguing developments come to life when two diverse cultures, engaging in the same trade, willingly exchange ideas in order to expand the creative boundaries of their work.  There will be amazing saddles from internationally known North American artists.  The saddles in our exhibition are all Master craftsmen, and their superb leather carving is continuing the best traditions of their exclusive trade.  The variety of the beautiful hand-carved designs and creative leatherwork is stunning, and you will enjoy it immensely.  The work that you experience in this exhibition is directly connected to our heritage, and its encompassing vision and creativity is lifting it from a traditional form to a fine art.

      This Brinton Museum exhibition has been years in the making.  Your support will help signify your appreciation to all the fine leatherworkers and saddle makers that gave the creative spark to this magnificent work in the past, and to those that continue this tradition.  


James Jackson


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