Season of Caring Community Auction for The Coping Centre

November 19th 2022 - Dec 3rd 2022

Coping (Caring for Other people IN Grief) is a nonprofit charity that provides free support to families and individuals who have lost a loved one and are struggling with their grief.

This fundraising auction will ensure everyone who needs support can continue to come to the Coping Centre free of charge to find the help they need with all proceeds going to support the free programs and maintain the standards at The Coping Centre.

We thank all our amazing community partners for coming together to make this auction possible and for showing our community just how much you care about those who need it most!  When we come together to help each other, we all win!

If you or someone you know can benefit from the support offered by The Coping Centre, please let us know.  519-650-0852,

Have questions? Please contact us!

The Coping Centre

Thank you for your support!

Thank you Ultimate Exotics The Coping Centre