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What is Youth Town?


    Youth Town was chartered by the state of Tennessee in 1962 and is a Christ-centered residential treatment facility for boys and girls ages 13 to 17. We offer hope to boys, girls and their families through an environment embodying the unconditional love of Christ. The programs offered are set in a highly structured environment and accompanied by a strict daily schedule. We recommend a 120 day residency.

At Youth Town we know the best way to help troubled adolescents is to help their families. Therefore, all of our programs are designed to actively include the family. When an adolescent becomes a part of the Youth Town family, home and family passes are strongly encouraged.

    Youth Town has assembled a team consisting of more than 50 staff who are not only academically credentialed but experienced in working with adolescents in treatment and ministry. Our staff members have received special training to care for young men and women suffering from trauma. Our staff provides an atmosphere of hope and love to more than 150 troubled teens every year.


What is this Auction and Art Show all about?

    These chairs and furniture are painted by our Youth here at Youth Town. Each chair has its own story, its own unique details, and its own beauty. The kids have worked hours on each one. In those hours of working on the chairs, they have expressed to us how truly healing and theraputic the experience has been. How allowing them to create and express themselves through these chairs has brought to them so much joy. Through your purchase, we will be able to bring more joy and comfort in daily activities to them through your donations. 

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8/18/2022 5:30 PM

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