The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival

Online Original Art Auction for 77th Festival

Hello & thank you for joining us!

The Art Auction is focusing on the amazing poster contest entries for 2023 as well a few from years past that are still available.

All artwork is created by local artists and are original designs showcasing the vast and gob smacking creativity of some very talented neighbors.

If you'd like to see the items, they will be on display at the Irvington branch of the Indianapolis Public Library while the auction is live.

As a reminder, the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival is a fundraiser that helps support local organizations. Your generosity in purchasing these one-of-a-kind masterpieces goes right back into the community.

About Irvington Community Council 

Founded in 1970, the Council is a 501(c)3 organization that provides a voice to the city on Irvington issues such as public services and zoning and works to improve the community and the lives of its residents. Highlights of the Council’s efforts include the annual Halloween Festival, Irvington Winter Luminaria, partnership with the Emerging Leaders Scholarship and the Irvington Legacy Project.

Our mission is to have a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life in Irvington, and thus greater Indianapolis as a whole. Through active partnerships with other civic groups, businesses, schools, libraries, neighbors and government, our intent is to make a sustained and positive impact upon the stability and growth of the neighborhood. We will seek this through our support of public art and entertainment (e.g. music, film, festivals); through an active interest in local environmental concerns (e.g. waterways, green space); and other projects and partnerships that protect property values, encourage business and foster pride in our community.

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Historic Irvington Community Council

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