Developmental Assessment and Evaluation for Children

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Developmental assessments are routinely done in Waldorf schools for a child by 7 years of age to check for 'learning readiness'. True reading, writing, math readiness and ability to focus and self-regulate is a biological phenomenon. An example of a biological-based development would be losing a tooth, or beginning menstruation. We would never label a child with a “disability” if they were slow to achieve these milestones. Readiness for school requires much more than a child simply reaching the chronological age for school entry.

These are physical abilities which are linked to the development and maturation of a child's uniquely unfolding biology, and require that a child has passed a number of benchmarks of sensory-motor integration and neurological maturity. By achieving these developmental benchmarks, a child will develop automatic, voluntary control over emotions, behavior, balance and physical skills. If this fails to develop, many aspects of learning can be affected negatively, even if the child has average or above average intelligence.

The assessment is geared to check if these benchmarks have been met. For example the child's primitive reflexes should not be present past the age of 1 years old. The presence of two or more of these reflexes will compromise the development of higher cognitive, emotional, physical or social cortical skills.

NOTE: This item is valid for a full developmental evaluation for a 7-year old (and up). For a child under the age of 7, it would be a combination of an evaluation and a follow-up. Total session(s) time = 3 hours.

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