2-hour long coaching sessions in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.

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Offering two, one-hour-long in-person meetings to work out a way to move through a challenge you are facing.
During the first hour, we will connect and focus on identifying an aim, intention or approach to a specific area you would like to work on. During the second hour, a week or so later, we will follow up and discuss the progress, obstacles, potentials and ways of proceeding forward, and make a visual tool to aid and remind of your intentions and goals.
Some of the topics we can discuss are: I would like to ask for a raise but unsure how to best ask for it; my spouse watches too much tv and I am sooo annoyed by it; my parents don't respect my choices; I'm bored most of the time; I would like to break up with my partner but I don't want it to be all dramatic and stuff; etc. Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution challenges are a good fit for an hour-long meeting arrangement.

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Contact Aliona at smile_spaces@protonmail.com to make an appointment.

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