Judith Hallett's Fathers and Daughters in Roman Society WITH Baseball-themed inscription

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Judith P. Hallett is Professor of Classics and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Emerita, University of Maryland, College Park. She was one of the WCC founders in 1972, along with Leona Ascher, Marilyn Arthur Katz, Sarah Pomeroy, Dorothea Wender, and John P. Sullivan. Four of us (indeed the only surviving founders) are Jewish and strong believers in Tikkun Olam, "repairing the world". We started with the classics profession and have no plans to stop.

This copy will be inscribed with a Latin version of a Broadway/folk/rock song along the lines of my "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"/Aufer Me Ad Arenam (2000) or another, Latin, verse, of TMOTTBG mentioning the purchaser.

Follow the link to learn more about this baseball-themed inscription!

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