OPEN Match - Emily Wilson's translation of Homer's Odyssey (SIGNED)

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Professor Emily Wilson is NOT the first woman to publish a translation of the Odyssey, but she is the first do so in English and also the winner of a MacArthur "Genius" Award.

She'll not only add an inscription and or underlining of your choice or on any nominated theme, she'll also create a tweet personalized to GLORIFY the winning bidder.

Pictured here with Pepper for scale, who reminds you just how disappointed they will be if you don't buy this lovely lovely book.

BID MATCH ALERT: A Siren and Calliope have teamed up to match the winning bid up to $200 dollars! (Wouldn't you have liked to be at the drinking party where this was cooked up?!)

DOUBLE MATCH ALERT: The author will match the winning bid AS WELL with NO limit set on that match.

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