Labradorite & Pearl Gold-Fill Ear Wires by Rachel Navone

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Rachel Navone


Labradorite & Pearl Gold-Fill Ear Wires hand crafted by local artist Rachel Navone.

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All items are to be picked up from the Namaspa Bend location, 1135 NW Galveston. We will be in contact after the auction with times available for pickup.

If an item needs to be shipped then the buyer will pay shipping & packaging costs PLUS a $10 service fee (per shipment, which could include several items, within reason). Please note: we are not Amazon or other businesses that ship products as their business. We are a small, local yoga studio. Packing and shipping your item is over and above our daily tasks and would be prohibitively expensive if we had the local Pack & Ship place do it (we checked). If you have a local friend who can pick up your item and ship it to you, that may be more cost effective for you.

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