Fossil - Multi fish from Eocene period

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This is a beautiful fossil containing 4 fish from the Eocene period. This specimen is one of the best representations of the Green River formation having been discovered from our gastropod layers where the travertine shows a cool accent of color. Represented on the calcium carbonate limestone. One being a predatorial fish Phareodus. With an addition of a Mioplosus and two Knightia eocaena representing Wyoming State Fossil.

This piece was discovered in the Green River Formation in Kemmerer, WY from the In Stone Fossil Quarry on the Lewis Ranch in 2021. The formation dates back to the Eocene time period, 51.98 million years ago.

It is a large fossil approximately 22 inches wide by 18 inches tall and 1.5 inches thick. It has been professionally cleaned and prepared by the experts at In Stone Fossils, who generously donated this beautiful fossil to support Wyoming PBS.

Fossil pictured is the actual fossil that is up for auction!

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