GSX All Access Pass

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The All-Access Pass Unlocks six learning theaters and 80+ live sessions, including inspiring general sessions, expert-led tracks, and timely Game Changer sessions -- as well the ability to earn 21 CPEs. Attendees will experience a brand-new format that supports their goals, whether they attend in-person in Orlando, participate digitally, or access on-demand content on their own schedules until 31 December 2021.

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Additional Information

Eligibility, Criteria, and Registration Policies

The recipient must be an ASIS member in good standing and affiliated with the chapter at the time of submission.

The same individual member may not receive this complimentary registration for more than three consecutive years.

The registration is non-transferable once it has been awarded.

If the selected individual has already registered, the paid registration will automatically be refunded.

Regional leaders (SRVP, RVP, ARVP) are eligible to participate in this program; Global Board of Directors are ineligible.

The chapter must have a 2021 Chapter Questionnaire on file with ASIS HQ.

Once it has been awarded, any requests for registration to be rolled over to the other cohort – from in-person to digital, or from digital to in-person -- must be made in writing and submitted to no later than 26 September 2021.

ASIS Greater Kansas City Chapter

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