Psychro-Dyne Psychrometer

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The Psychro-Dyne is a battery operated psychrometer that is a completely portable instrument which indicates wet and dry bulb temperatures for relative humidity and dew point determinations. This instrument is an essential tool for the accurate calibration of hygrothermographs.

The operation of this instrument requires no whirling or special techniques allowing it to be use in confined areas. The wet and dry bulb method of measuring moisture in the air is based on the evaporative cooling effect of the wet bulb. The Psychro-Dyne contains a miniature fan that provides air movement over a set of extremely accurate thermometers. Simply wet the wick of the wet bulb thermometer and turn the instrument on for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes. The fan blowing air at a constant aspiration rate over the thermometers causes depression in wet bulb temperature. After noting the wet and dry bulb readings, humidity can be determined by a chart located on the front of the instrument. This operation, when compared to the conventional sling psychrometers, affords a safer, convenient, and more accurate method of RH determination. Using this simple method, you can accurately determine RH to within 1%.

The Psychro-Dyne measures 10" x 4-1/2" x 2" and weighs a little over 2 pounds. It comes complete with bottle of distilled water, wick replacement kit and humidity calculator slide rule. The Psychro-Dyne requires 3 "D" cell batteries to operate which should last up to 1,000 readings before replacement is required. Item Description taken from Conservation Support Systems.

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Object comes with: 1 Psychro-Dyne Psychrometer, 1 Humidity Calculator slide rule, 1 wick replacement kit, and 1 small bottle of distilled water.

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