Burren Smokehouse, Meet the Maker VIP Experience for 2 people

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Burren Smokehouse


The Burren Smokehouse is a family-run business that was set up in 1989 by Birgitta and Peter Curtin. The smokehouse produces superb smoked salmon, trout and locally caught mackerel. Burren Smokehouse Organic Smoked Irish Salmon comes from Clare Island in County Mayo and from the southwestern peninsulas of County Kerry. The Smokehouse has received many food awards and has a customer base that includes Harrod’s and Selfridges.

This experience will see you meet the owners of the Burren Smokehouse, Roadside Tavern and Burren Brewery who will accompany you on a private tour of more than 2 hours.

Birgitta Hedin-Curtin will bring you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit of the smokehouse where the general public cannot go. She will show you the bespoke kilns and smoke box and show you the production facility.

Peter Curtin, master smoker and master brewer, will tell you about how he has been brewing beer for more than a decade, about the discovery of wild yeast and the gruit beer resulting from it.

You will then get a tasting of all the unique Burren Brewery beers and will enjoy a Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon tasting platter.

Available most of the year apart from November and December.

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