When Marilyn Winters dances in autumn leaves she remembers

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Sue Stack
Ceramic Sculpture
Size: height 450mm , base 430 x430mm

Marilyn Winters is a ceramic sculpture of a woman elegantly dressed, who kicks off her shoes and her conventions to dance in autumn leaves, experiencing the exhilaration of being surrounded by floating leaves crunching underfoot. And as she does this, she activates her deep DNA memory of her non-human ancestors, her geological time memory where evolution of life (and death) is layered in rock, and her cosmic tidal memory which pulses through her. For she is nature remembering itself.

Sculpture materials - Kean's Raku Clay, bisque-fired, painted with acrylic and varnish. Under her dress are layered rock-like textures with beads and shells.


When Marilyn Winters dances
in Autumn leaves she

Fragile sea shells
crunching under feet
on windswept days.
A diary of food webs
breathing carbon dioxide
to create designer habitats.
A geological memory
layered in time
telling the story of delicate
moments of precarious history
extinction/ survival
fragile life
easily crumbled.

When Marilyn Winters dances
in Autumn leaves she

Her fin-wing-fingers tracing the
patterns of earth ancestors
as they fly, swim and mate.
Her tidal heart breathing in
time with the moon, the sun
cosmic perambulations.
Her wind-plucked skin leaning
into the life that is offered all
around her.

And in this moment of time
she is on the cusp

Dr Sue Stack is a visual artist, performer and transformative educator interested in exploring what it means to foster deep relationships with the natural world. Her work often focuses on personal stories of women experiencing the contradictions and tipping points in a world whose systems no longer serve the health of the whole. She brings in deep ecology, science, myth, collective healing and subtle energies in creating exhibition spaces that invite audiences to build nuanced views of an issue through individual personal stories. She has had 5 solo exhibitions of her ceramic sculptures in Salamanca Arts Centre and one in Sydney, as well as appearing in group exhibitions and galleries.

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