The Magnificent Frigatebird

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Jennifer Cossins
Limited edition print
This piece is a 1 of 5 limited edition prints of The Magnificent Frigatebird, one of Cossin's original illustrations that was featured in the Book of Curious Birds. This book was shortlisted for the CBCA awards in 2022.

Dimensions: 375 x 450 mm Print
555mm x 662 mm Frame

Magnificent frigatebirds make their home in the Galapagos Islands, but as impressive seafarers, they have been spotted over all the worlds major oceans.

The magnificent frigatebird does not have waterproof feathers, which is unusual for a seabird. This means they can’t be in the water for more than a minute because their feathers will get waterlogged, they will be unable to take off again, and will eventually drown. They also have short legs and small feet, meaning they can’t paddle very well and are clumsy walkers. Luckily, they are extremely powerful fliers and spend most of their time in the air. In fact, they can fly for several days at a time without needing to land once!

They are notorious for stealing other bird's food and will swoop on another seabird mid-flight, grabbing it by its tail and shaking it until it regurgitates the fish it has just caught. The frigatebird then lets go and catches the regurgitated fish before it hits the water.

Nesting season sees the thievery continue, as the frigatebirds like to steal sticks from other bird’s nests to build their own. Magnificent frigatebirds breed throughout the year. Several males will surround one female, competing for her attention by inflating their large throat pouches and emitting high pitched trills. When the female chooses, the pair perform an impressive acrobatic aerial display before the female completes her nest, using sticks brought to her by the male.

Jennifer is best known for her book 101 Collective Nouns which made headlines in 2018 after Oscar-winning actor Anne Hathaway sparked an international search for the Tasmanian author on The Ellen Show. She is also known in Australia for her book A-Z of Endangered Animals, which was an Honour Book in the 2017 Australian Children’s Book Council awards, and more recently, for Book of Curious Birds which was shortlisted for this award in 2022 and Amazing Animal Journeys which was shortlisted in 2023.

Jennifer has a passion for the animal kingdom, exploring nature and all things bright and colourful. Her work endeavours to make people smile, laugh, and teach them something new, while encouraging and fostering love and care for the natural world. When not drawing in her home studio, Jen’s favourite place to be is on top of a mountain with a thermos of coffee in hand!

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