Southern Africa Safaris

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US $3500.00 Retail Value
US $ 1500.00 Opening Bid
US $ 50.00 Min. Bid Increment


All hunts include the following:
8 full hunting days, all accommodation, meals, local beer, soft drinks and bottled water, daily laundry, services of a qualified professional hunter, trackers, skinners, field preparation of trophies, transport during safari, delivery of trophies to taxidermist.

- The 8 hunting days will be on concessions of Shaun Keeny Safaris in South Africa.
- There will be a $1,500 credit given per hunter.
- If trophies are taken early, client will not be required to suspend the duration of days for hunting.
- The hunt may be upgraded, extra hunters or observers at normal rates (as per price list), extra trophies to be hunted, and extra days booked either on hunting or touring, as client wishes to tailor the package.
- Included in the hunt is field preparation of trophies. Taxidermy & dipping and shipping is not included.
- The arrival and departure point will be Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport.
- Arrival and departure days are excluded and charged at $250.00 per person per day.
- No permit drawing or lottery is required for this hunt.
- All transportation during the hunt is included and all transportation is done by vehicle. There is no charge for airport pickups and dropoffs. Special arrangements will be made if client wishes to charter a plane to camp. This will be done at extra cost to the client.
- These hunt packages include the arrival and departure days.
- As an extra service, we take client shopping on departure day if required, which is at no extra charge to the client.
- Observer can be added at US $150.00 per day.
- Additional hunting days can be added at US $250.00 per day

Trophy Fees
Species Price US$ Species Price US$
Blesbuck – Common $550.00 Lechwe – Red $3,000.00
Blesbuck – Copper $1,500.00 Nyala $2,900.00
Blesbuck – Golden $1,500.00 Ostrich $1,000.00
Blesbuck – White $850.00 Reedbuck – Common $1,600.00
Cape Buffalo (RSA) $13,900.00 Reedbuck – Mountain $1,300.00
Bushbuck – Cape/ Limpopo $1,500.00 Roan Antelope $8,500.00
Bushpig $1,400.00 Sable Antelope $6,500.00
Duiker – Blue $2,500.00 Springbuck – Black $1,200.00
Duiker – Grey $600.00 Springbuck – Copper $1,800.00
Duiker – Natal Red $2,800.00 Springbuck – Kalahari $900.00
Eland – Cape $3,800.00 Springbuck – White $1,600.00
Eland – Livingstone $5,500.00 Steenbuck $600.00
Gemsbuck – Golden $3,000.00 Tsessebe $2,800.00
Gemsbuck – Kalahari $1,600.00 Warthog $650.00
Hartebeest – Cape $1,500.00 Waterbuck – Common $2,900.00
Impala – Common $550.00 Wildebeest – Black $1,500.00
Impala – Black $2,300.00 Wildebeest – Blue $1,500.00
Klipspringer $1,800.00 Wildebeest – Golden $3,500.00
Kudu – Southern Greater $3,500.00 Zebra – Burchells $1,300.00
Kudu – Southern Greater 60″+ $5,000.00 Zebra – Hartmann Mountain $3,500.00

BIRD HUNTING: $450.00 per day per client, extra on daily rate. (Excludes shotgun and Ammunition). Small cats, porcupine, rodents, baboon, monkeys, hyena and pigmy antelope – please confirm in advance if permits are necessary and if species may be exported. Also confirm prices with Outfitter.

PREDATOR HUNTING / NIGHT HUNTING: US $250.00 per person per night

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