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Collaborating with international chefs and restaurateurs, we have established a new menu and philosophy around supporting local producers in a safe and sustainable way to encourage the development of standardized and trusted produce in Nepal.

Our focus is to offer high quality international cuisine with the elegance of fine-dining while in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our menu offers freshly made and unique innovative dishes and our service is attentive and gracious.

Spread across eight ropanis (approximately one acre), Le Sherpa’s estate comprises of a variety of interesting shops supporting creative, local brands – from coffee and food to crafts. There is an intimate boutique bed & breakfast, The Museum with spacious and stylish rooms offering all amenities. This small oasis offers a platform for local artisans, supporting and sustaining struggling artists, craftsmen and local products; supporting the tradition and culture of Nepal.

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the daily commotion of Kathmandu, you can find refuge in this cozy get away. Enjoy fresh, organic food in the Le Sherpa Restaurant, while your time away hanging around the boutique shops, or simply enjoy a fresh cup of Everfresh –local Nuwa Estate Coffee.

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