Siam Botanicals Gift Set 3

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Shampoo Siam Roots (428.00 baht)
Shampoo Oriental (482.00 baht)
Shampoo Revive (428.00 baht)
Body Wash Siam Roots (375 baht)
Body Wash Oriental (428.00 baht)
Body Wash Revive (375 baht)
Hair Conditioner Siam Roots (482 baht)
Hair Conditioner Oriental (535.00 baht)
Hair Conditioner Revive (482 baht)
Body Lotion Siam Roots (535.00 baht)
Body Lotion Oriental (589.00 baht)
Body Lotion Revive (535.00 baht)
Oriental Artisan Body Oil (535.00 baht)
Meditation Massage & Body Oil (642.00 baht)
Natural Ginger Soap (160.00 baht)
Natural Kaffir Lime Shampoo Bar (160.00baht)
Salt Soap - Lemongrass (160.00 baht)
Salt Scrub Soap - Clove (160.00 baht)

Total Retail Price = 7,491.00 THB

We believe in the power of nature. That is why we created Siam Botanicals, an honest brand of natural and organic products.

Siam Botanicals products and manufacturing processes are therefore subject to rigorous testing to be approved by BDIH, and we are proud to be certified with the Cosmos standard label.

Cosmos standard certification gives our customers confidence that Siam Botanicals really is sticking to the ethos it claims to embrace, and we guarantee that our products are manufactured by our team using the finest quality, hand blended ingredients.

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