The KOHO Rodeo Bowl with Tim Creek, Marcus Bellissimo and Randy Roadz by Dan McConnell

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The KOHO Rodeo Bowl has three KOHO (Coho) salmon; One ocean salmon, a female and a spawning male in his glorious red coloration. It's a free for all rodeo with Tim, Marcus and Randy hoping they can stay on for the full 8 seconds. This is a very dangerous rodeo; you have the chance of being tossed on to the rocky shore, tossed into the cold waters of the Icicle Creek or wrapped up in the reins and destined to ride the waves of Wenatchee River like Ahab tethered to Moby Dick. Safe ride Boys!

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Photos courtesy of Swoboda Photography:

Each winning bowl comes with 2 tickets to the Soup Supper. You may pick up your auction bowl at the Soup Supper on March 21st, or contact to make arrangements for your bowl(s).

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