All Lives Matter by Janet Millard

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This is my seventh contribution to Empty Bowls and my first platter. It celebrates two landmark laws: The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) of 1918 and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 1973. The face of the platter depicts birds that can be found breeding in or migrating through our Wenatchee Valley. They are shown both in their northern breeding as well as their southern wintering grounds. Without the MBTA and healthy habitat year-round, including that required during migration, these species may end up perilously low in population like those on the back of the platter.

The ESA is critical to ensuring the country's diversity of wildlife and plants, and the back of this platter goes beyond birds to honor the diversity found here in Washington State. The goal of the ESA is to prevent the extinction of species and various levels of protection are afforded these species, a sampling of which is broken down as listed below.

Candidate species: Mardon skipper butterfly in 1999 and whitebark pine in 2011.
Listed species: Canada lynx in 2000, Wenatchee checkermallow in 1999, bull trout in 1999, and Oregon spotted frog in 2014.
Successfully recovered and delisted: Peregrine Falcon in 1999.

Go outside and enjoy the fruits of these important conservation laws. Come back inside and think about both sides of this platter. Then speak up and share why these laws matter to you.

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