Bench_01 by Jessye Grundlingh, Andrew Kroetsch and Nicholas Koppelaar

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Bench_01, aptly named for being the first piece cut from the tree, is cradled by powder-coated steel to form a narrow bench for your entryway. Leaving the character of the log intact, the laser-cut steel profiles mimic the side-view of a traditional chair- creating a contrast between the natural contours of Bench_01 and the traditional horizontal lines of a bench. At the narrow end of Bench_01, a sculptural coat rack protrudes upwards, vertically balancing the strong horizontal plane of the raw wood and making an abstract reference to the iconic shape of the maple leaf.

Visually, Bench_01 creates a dialogue between Canada’s rich history and our forward-thinking innovation by contrasting the visually disparate nature of our abundant natural resources with information-age manufacturing techniques; the slow growth of the wood is countered by the speed of the laser. Bench_01 connects our history to our future in a symbiotic, functional form.

80"L X 62"H x 20"W.

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The value of the items are priceless - you will be owning an important piece of Canadian heritage. Winning bidders will be responsible for picking up their items. Details to be provided. Thank you for your support!

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