Maple Leaf Forever Canada's Flowers by the Ontario Wood Carvers Association (Art Piece)

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The Maple Leaf Forever Canada Flowers (MLFCF) project is one of two large carvings executed by the Ontario Wood Carvers Association. The first one, the Maple Leaf Forever Heritage Tree Carving, is underway at the Ontario Science Centre and is a celebration of Toronto’s history.

This second piece is embracing the whole of Canada. The design is strongly influenced by the natural shape of the wood and in this “eco-carving” project the condition of the wood is also influential. Following the style established with the MLF Heritage Tree Carving, fourteen maple leaves were marked out on the trunk, one leaf for each of the provinces and territories of Canada.

To capture elements of our national history on this limited space was very challenging. We decided to represent the entire country by carving, all the provincial and territorial flowers onto the leaves. In this way, each maple leaf, being the symbol of Canada, containing a flower representing a distinct part of our nation, symbolizes the unity of Canada as a whole. Thus this sculpture represents “our home and native land” from sea to sea to sea.

Approximately 7'H x 3'W at the bottom

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