Sharpe's Hedra by Storyboard Furniture

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Priceless Retail Value
CAD $ 3250.00 Opening Bid
CAD $ 150.00 Min. Bid Increment


This floor or desk lamp is made from the complex geometric combination of 36 pieces of wood and 11 pieces of paper. Geometrically speaking, it can be most easily described as a variation of a cuboctohedron.

Using traditional joinery: mortise and tenon and bridle, the sturdy wood skeleton is contrasted by a delicate, formed paper skin with maple leaf cut-outs. When used with the suggested lamp bulb, your walls will be decorated with leaf silhouettes.
This model comes with white spun metal fittings, 6’ of clear wire and switch. All Storyboard Furniture lamps are ESA certified.

Note that the item pictured here and the one that will be on display at the Green Living Show is not the actual item that will be auctioned. The design is similar, but it will be crafted from wood of the Maple Leaf Forever Tree. The designer will make the item for the winning bidder within 8-10 weeks after the auction closes.

20" in diameter.

Additional Information

The value of the items are priceless - you will be owning an important piece of Canadian heritage. Winning bidders will be responsible for picking up their items. Details to be provided. Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for your support!

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