The MLF Headphones by the National Design Collective

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The Maple Leaf Forever Headphones commemorate the musical history behind the legendary tree that stood for well over a hundred years. The portable and ubiquitous nature of the headphones allow the once permanent landmark to become mobile and be shared with a greater audience.

The headphones are entirely made from one branch of the tree that was chosen due to its suitable size and shape. The diameter of the branch was a perfect match for the driver housing, and the rest of the branch was cut into strips of veneer. The veneer was laminated together over a form to create the head strap. The touch points were then covered with white felt which is held on with a red thread for a subtle Canadian detail.

8' x 8' x 3'

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The value of the items are priceless - you will be owning an important piece of Canadian heritage. Winning bidders will be responsible for picking up their items. Details to be provided. Thank you for your support!

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