A map of the 1981 DeLorean durability test routes

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A map of the 1981 durability test routes signed by one of the drivers, Rodney McComb.

The route instructions are given by ‘Tulip’ diagrams, so called because they were first used in the Tulip International Rally in Holland in the 1960’s. Furthermore, they look like tulips.

Tulip diagrams are given for each road junction where a change of direction is required.

The driver is always coming FROM the dot at the bottom of the diagram and is instructed to leave in the direction of the arrowhead.

The distance given is from the last noted road junction, or from the start of the section, or both.

Intermediate junctions where no change of direction is needed are not shown, so it is important to keep a check on the mileage.

SP means Sign Post and gives an opportunity to confirm that you are at the correct junction.

As all drivers and co-drivers were experienced rally personnel, hand written Tulip Diagrams were considered adequate and were copied and handed to all crews.

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