Spirit Knowledge and Tasting for Scotch Whiskey – The Crunkleton

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Perhaps Daniel Wallace said it best, "A good bar feels like a secret only you know...The Crunkleton is the best secret I have". Gary Crunkleton's namesake establishment on Franklin Street garners profuse praise from near and far. Anyone can pour a drink, but folks are quick to see the owner behind the bar for what he really is, storyteller and sage. For this singular event, Gary will lead you and five of your friends through a multi-sensory exploration of Scotch Whiskey, one of the world's most esteemed spirits. Step-by-step, he'll provide expert guidance on the subtleties of how to see, smell, and taste scotch - discerning characteristics of the ingredients, various regional distinctions, and processes used in creating its complexity and flavors. This tasting will surely be an elegant introduction for the novice as well as a rare treat for the aficionado, ideal for the bon vivant lurking within us all.

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Kidzu Children's Museum

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