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Online Charity Auctions

Why more charities switch to online auctions

Online Charity Auctions are the new hype in town. More and more charities decide against traditional event venues and go the modern online charity auction route. The reasons are many. Traditional charity auctions have one major drawback - they are very expensive. Not only does the charity have to provide the venue with ample room and nice decorations, but also provide food and drinks. The expense of those events easily goes into the thousands of dollars. Therefore, the cost of dollar raised increases exponentially.

Online Charity Auctions on the other hand are cost effective and focus just on the task at hand - to raise money for the charity. BiddingOwl picks up on this trend and provides non-profits with online charity auction tools. Now, organizations are able to tab into an even bigger market of willing and able donors. Their donor base is not anymore limited to event participants, but to a full fleet of online donors. Online charity auctions broaden the reach and therefore help the charity raise more money in addition to saving money.

The technology for these online charity auctions is state of the art. Donors are able to either bid online via the use of the BiddingOwl website or are able to place bids right from their mobile devices. All bids are placed via our highly secure servers to ensure the best possible outcome for your online charity auction.

Why not sign up for an account on and try for yourself? Online Charity Auctions have never been more popular.